How It Works

DietBooster Is The First Consumer-Friendly Intelligent Weight Loss Tool!

Using our unique “Behavioral Response Pattern Analysis” (patent pending) process, DietBooster accurately tracks and measures your daily behavior, physical activity and other metrics.

Then, it offers expert, highly-personalized advice to help you meet your goals faster and with less effort.

Taking the guesswork out of weight loss.

This state-of-the-art app makes the process of losing weight simple and structured. All it requires is daily interaction from you and simple readings from your smart scale.

Just follow these simple steps each day:

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    Get on your scale each morning...

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    Record the readings into DietBooster using your smartphone or tablet...

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    Go through a simple checklist, outlining what you did and/or didn't do the previous day...

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    Answer a few simple questions and prompts from Jenny (your virtual advisor)...

And that’s it!

The entire routine should take a couple of minutes each morning.

Based on the information you enter, DietBooster will perform its analysis and make easy-to-follow recommendations for you what you should do (and/or not do) each day!

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    If you need to watch your eating a bit more closely, DietBooster will tell you.

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    If you need to exercise more than you did the day before, DietBooster will let you know.

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    If it’s a safe day to treat yourself to a decadent snack, DietBooster will give you a heads up.

It will even recommend some guilty treats that you earned when the time is right.

Simply follow DietBooster’s instructions and recommendations, and you will always know exactly how much progress you are making each day.

DietBooster's innovative monitors track the following key elements for you (based on input from your smart scale) right on your dashboard:

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    Fat Burn Monitor

    This unique and revolutionary feature changes the entire game when it comes to weight loss. Until DietBooster, there hasn’t been an easy way to keep track of your body’s fat changes. Nor as there ever been a way to accurately track whether your body was burning fat or accumulating fat.

    Now you can easily determine exactly your fat intake, and how your daily activity is affects your current body fat levels. In fact, the app will even notify you when your fat burning is about to stop, so you can respond accordingly with your food intake and/or additional exercise.

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    Caloric Balance Monitor

    This function essentially develops a “food diary” on the fly. It’s based on your diet plan and what you’re eating. There’s no need to log any food or exercise periods, ever. Just let DietBooster know whether or not you’re sticking to your diet plan!

    And best of all, it’s highly accurate! This reading can’t be fooled or manipulated in any way, since it’s using data from your smart scale to perform its analysis. You will always know exactly how many calories you are burning, and at what rate.

    With no manual data entry or logging required, ever!

    This function in particular is revolutionary, because it makes calorie counting obsolete. Most other apps and weight loss services actually charge a monthly fee just to use their food diaries and databases for the purposes of calorie counting alone.

    DietBooster eliminates any need for these services, forever.

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    Hydration monitor

    This reading tells you the hydration levels of your body. It will notify you if your levels are in balance, or if you’re over/under-hydrated. Keeping your body properly hydrated is essential to successful weight loss, as well as for good health and proper organ functioning

Your feedback makes DietBooster
work even better!

DietBooster is in continuous development, therefore customer feedback and data compilation are critical to making it work as effectively as possible.

To date, DietBooster has been successfully used by hundreds of users, with more coming aboard daily. Making it more powerful and efficient over time.

All the data being generated gets dynamically analyzed by our system to find ways to improve the app’s performance and make it even more effective.

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To see more feedback from our DietBooster customers, Click Here

Your own Expert Virtual Advisor…

As part of DietBooster’s innovative app, our users also get their own personal Virtual Advisor named Jenny!

Jenny serves as your on-board intelligent advisor. She will notify you any time that something is needed from you in order to update the app and keep you on track.

It’s like having your own accountability coach, right on your smartphone or computer!

Jenny will check in with you at various times of the day to ensure that you’re sticking to your program, and following your daily recommendations.

With Jenny observing your activities and results, you develop a dialogue with her to keep you focused, and make sure you deal with your trouble areas and weak points.

Respond to Jenny’s questions, so she can determine what you need to do next. The entire process is fast, highly intelligent and intuitive!

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